Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween: Witch

Items I used to create the witch for Halloween

Wave before going broom....

Side view of me

Oh I like the pretty faux lashes I purchase

Look at my pretty face before make a move

Broom.... sit on it...

Grab hold of the broom, umm.. why is it not long enough?

I want to have fun in Halloween but no time to do it. So now you will see the pictures of me in Witch! LOL I almost spell it Bitch!

I did purchase the fake black colour nails but it is not working for me, I mean it is not stick on nails at all. Argghh...

Pink is one of my favourite colour so here goes pink witch with a broom, haha...

Pink dress, Pink hat, supposed get a pink broom but couldn't find out. :(

Items I used to create this make up, you can view the picture above. :D

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