Sunday, September 17, 2017

Japan preloved items in Malaysia

I love shopping and I love fashion, I am plus size woman so I like to share with you that I have bought preloved tops from Jalan Jalan Japan after reading the post of Sherry. Great place to shop indeed I also bought preloved bags from there. I went the one in One City, now there's 2nd outlet in Kuala Lumpur.

Now I a saw this video, I wanna to check out their item. Yeah this mall I haven't go before.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Online Shopping Fashion Lanafira

Today is Monday and it's happy to share with everyone and friends on online shopping in Malaysia.
With Internet access today, I can share with my friends and readers on where to shop for beautiful fashion clothing like Fashion Lanafira. The online boutique shop for Muslima friends. Check out the website they have affordable prices from RM60 to RM140.

The website is user friendly and easy to browse. There are dresses from S size to XL size. Beautiful designs you can find on baju kurung, Kebaya and Peplum. Now if you are looking for nursing clothing, why not check out the Fashion Lanafira. They have designed of dresses that is suitable for nursing mom.

Above flowery design one of Modern Peplum is pretty to match with palazo. Being a woman I am sure everyone has got their way of mix and match with their clothing. I like the flowers design of this it's very feminine and beautiful. They have other designed and color available, just click on the website link below to view them.
 Checking on the website there are lot of dresses to choose from, don't just read here if you have interest do act fast as I see some items are selling fast/sold out. Don't worry as you can always follow their social media. Beautiful dresses can be seen below and good for matching with sisters and friends. What do you think when you and your sister wearing the same design but in different colors. It's beautiful and nice for taking family photo or attending family events together. Now every woman can shop trendy and affordable clothing clothing at Fashion Lanafira.

They accept credit card and debit payments. I like about online shopping is there deliver to our doorstep. I don't have to go out find parking or queue to pay. Now we can shop from home or office.
beautiful long dresses in different color to choose from

With Internet access today, we can shop online and connect to our social media to check on the updates:

Facebook Page: Fashion Lanafira


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Kembara Jom Jimat Elektrik

Team Eco Panglima bersama guru pembimbing, Pn. Norazimah yang berdiri dua dari kanan

TELOK PANGLIMA GARANG, 27 JULAI 2017 – Seramai 26 orang pelajar dan 3 guru pembimbing dari SMK Telok Panglima Garang (SMKTPG), Kuala Langat, Selangor telah berkunjung ke Taman Seri Medan yang terletak di Telok Panglima Garang untuk menjalankan program Kembara Jom Jimat Elektrik sempena pertandingan Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) 2017. SMKTPG dipilih mewakili negeri Selangor dalam program tersebut di peringkat kebangsaan. Kumpulan pelajar dari SMKTPG yang dikenali sebagai Team Eco Panglima ini telah menjalankan program Kembara Jom Jimat elektrik selama 3 bulan.

Meningkatkan kesedaran kepada penduduk tentang kepentingan menjimatkan elektrik

Tujuan program Kembara Jom Jimat Elektrik ini adalah untuk meningkatkan kesedaran kepada penduduk Taman Seri Medan tentang kesan penggunaan elektrik yang berlebihan kepada alam sekitar. Kesan penggunaan elektrik yang berlebihan ini membawa kepada pemanasan sejagat.
Menjadi tanggungjawab Team Eco Panglima untuk memberi kesedaran kepada penduduk setempat akan kesan negatif penggunaan elektrik yang berlebihan ini disamping memberi tips menjadi pengguna yang bijak kepada penduduk Taman Seri Medan.

Bersama salah seorang penduduk Taman Seri Medan ketika menjalankan soal selidik
Pn. Norazimah Abd Talib selaku guru pembimbing Team Eco Panglima berkata, "Kami telah menyebarkan risalah tentang penggunaan serta kepentingan penjimatan elektrik kepada para penduduk di Taman Sri Medan tersebut. Disamping itu, kami juga menerangkan cara-cara untuk menjimatkan elektrik, seterusnya mengurangkan kadar bayaran bil elektrik."

"Melalui pemerhatian dan maklumat yang kami peroleh ketika pertama kali beramah mesra bersama para penduduk Taman Sri Medan, kadar bayaran bil elektrik mereka mencecah RM200 - RM500. Walau bagaimanapun, kami telah mencadangkan beberapa langkah untuk mengurangkan jumlah bil tersebut. Lawatan kali kedua pada bulan Julai, kami memperoleh keputusan yang agak mengejutkan di mana terdapat penduduk yang berjaya mengurangkan jumlah bil mereka daripada RM500 kepada RM200 ke atas dengan menggunakan langkah-langkah yang dicadangkan oleh kami."
Beliau mengakhiri wawancara dengan berharap agar lebih ramai lagi penduduk dapat mengurangkan kadar bayaran bil elektrik di samping dapat mengurangkan kesan penggunaan elektrik yang berlebihan kepada alam sekitar.
jimat elektrik, smk telok panglima garang, jom jimat elektrik, toyota eco youth, team eco panglima
Bunting Kembara Jom Jimat Elektrik di Taman Seri Medan

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hitachi F1 Error now we know why

The Hitachi F1 error that on previous post you can find it. It is because rat has gone into my washing machine and take a bite of the wiring. The wiring man came to check and say its the rat as obviously the small rat still inside the washing machine, hiding underneath.

He says the washing machine missing the bottom hood. It should have a cover hood at the bottom to avoid the rat going inside.

RM70 for fixing the wiring red line that is cut as you can see above photo. He's good, patience and checking back and front of the machine.

We have called the Hitachi service center and they are the one that give the contact to the person in charge to call and he's one followup and came to repair the washing machine.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

F1 ERROR Hitachi SF-100JJ EM 10KG washing machine

2009 year in October bought this washing machine. Cannot believe that it's not even 8 years it has showed F1 error.

F1 Error on washimg machine, how to fix it?

Saturday, April 22, 2017


I am in my late 40s now and I have started feeling joint pain for long time. I am glad to have find this, a traditional medicine. It is suitable for vegetarian to consume. The capsule is easy to swallow and I prefer to take this in the morning after meal.

Taking this OLIFERIN the JOINT FLEX TRIVA, 2 capsules a day. After taking a week I didn't feel much pain on joints anymore. I often having joint pains and I am gonna be 50 years old this year.

It is stated on the bottle that this can relief of joint pain and muscular pain.

Special thanks to 100comments for sending this to me for review.