Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Personalized luggage tag @Printcious

happy me with the luggage tag chosen by me
 Good evening to dear friends and readers so happy to tell you that my order has come from Printcious. Yeah I chosen to make a name tag for myself and I love the luggage tag that I have here. I love to visit Paris some day but I don't know when will dream comes true. So I am here to own a special name tag which I love to put it on my luggage for travel use. Who would thought of I would choose Paris, a beautiful country that I would love to visit some days.

Fantastic and I love this name tag,  you can find me on instagram @ginailei and this Paris tower is so beautiful with many hearts surrounding it. Do you have know my Chinese name as a LOVE word in Chinese which is Mandarin. When I think of Paris, I think of this tag as it's in red color which I love the red hearts of loves on it. You can choose many more designs at the website.

The website is user friendly and easy to browse. Great gifts for everyone that you care and love.

Printcious has got many personalized items you can choose from, just visit the link to see it yourself.
Everyone can make precious gifts from there. Even kids too, my nephew knows of making design of his shirt, he's also wearing some designs which his mom ordered from Printcious.

 I love to wear t-shirts and my next project would love to own a t-shirt which I like. Well unable to make up my mind yet on which selection I will take. Who knows I might just personalized the shirt for myself. Well how about you? Do you like any shirts above that you see now?

I like many designs of the mugs, so many types to choose from. I like to have personalized it for my loved ones. Well cannot think of which to choose from, shall take time to think about it. Suitable for gifts and special for any occasions. This is great idea for birthday presents too!
Do you like to personalized items for yourself? You can do it too, it's nice and affordable and they do ship to your door steps. Do check out the website for more details.

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