Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Put your brightest face forward contest

Put your brightest face forward contest is on and going to be over soon. You love make up you gonna try this contest.

There's not much to it.
Do it up and do it bright.

[a must]: Bright eyes. Bright lips.

[up to you]: Bright cheeks.

(this is up to you as doing your whole face bright
may be a little clownish and the point of
the contest is to still look cute)

[if you dare]: Bright nails!

Look at me!







So what I used for this makeup..


Thanks to Sherry

I love put on faux eyelashes and I got them from Sherry. Yeah she has tough time putting them on but not for me. I have great fun with makeup contest thanks to her.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recreate A Face Look

Hello ladies, I am here again, this time I am eyeing on Recreate A Face Look. It is first time for me doing this so please bare with me. This is happening at MAYRAAM86, thats for such wonderful contest. Contest ends on July 10, 2009.

Waiting to know which I choose? This is BUDDING...


I might have missed out something... oh dear...


oh left




Product I used:
eyeshadow all in the pallette
lips all in the pallette


Monday, June 22, 2009

Picture fixing using photobucket

My pictures I have made them smaller but I see that there is no changes yet on the post. Anyone care to tell me how long I have to wait?

Feeling hungry.. run for a snack now.

Tropical and Glam'D Contest

I have chosen Tropical as I am taking part in Tropical and Glam'DContest.

Contest One:

There Will Be One Winner And A Runner Up.

-Tropical Look: It's Very Creative. The Colours Are Peaceful But Fun & Vibrant.
Remember It Doesn't Have To Be Tyipical Blues & Greens. Be As Creative As You

-Glamour/Porn Look: Think Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra..It's A Dirty Look
Very Dark But Sultry..Give Me Your Best Pout And Come To Bed Eyes.

I Don't Mind What You Use To Recreate The Look Its 100% Up To You.
If You Chose To Dress Up Aswell It Could Be A Bonus With The Voting.


The Winner:
Max Factor Makeup Bag With Contents
Too Faced The Quickie Chronicles -The Starlette
2x MAC Sample Pigments
2x Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Varnish
False Eyelashes
Sleek I-Divine Palette -Storm

The Runnerup:
Sleek I-Divine Palette - Jewels
2x Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Varnish
2x MAC Sample Pigments
Barrym Dazzle Dust
False Eyelashes


•Must Be A Follower Of This Blog
•Must Be New Creations, Nothing Old. It's An Automatic DQ
•You Must Reblog This
•Enteries Can Be Show As A Tutorial, Video Montage, Picture Tutorial Or Just Finialized Pictures.
•If You Chose To Do A Video Or Picture Tutorial You Must Still Submit At Least 4 Pictures That Showcase The Make-Up ( Must Include Inspiration Picture If There Is One )
•You Can Only Enter One Of The Two Contests. If You Enter Both It's An Automatic DQ
•Once Completed Send Enteries Into The Contest Email (Listed Below) After Which You May Upload To Your Blog.
•Enteries Must Be Submited From Monday, 1st June 2009 Midnight - The Compeition Closes Tuesday, 30th June 2009 Midnight.
•Display Items Used Text Or Pictures.
•Enteries Will Be Judged By Poll. You Can Only Vote Once But You May Get Other's To Vote For You.
•Once Announced Winner Or Runner-Up Please Email Me Your Mailing Address Details.

SEND ENTERIES TO : Dolcevanitycontest@Googlemail.Com

The inspiration Tropical flower






The product used to create this look:
False eyelashes
CandyEyes eyeliner gold and yellow
Eyeshadows on palette
Color Sense Glitter eyeliner

Revlon colorstay foundation 03 Nude
Blush on palette

From palette

Lipgloss on palette
Moisture Max on palette


The palette pic below is where you can see the Revlon foundation and Moisture Max lipstick on second roll onwards.

Have take part in this contest? If not join now.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pictures of me soon!

I am kind of busy lately running on house chores. So I will putting pictures of me soon. I have the interest to take part in some contest.

Sherry is the one which get me started! First its was fun but now I think why not try out the contest. I like to be beautiful too!

Love accessories and jewerly and more

Just want to share with you that if you are looking for accessories, jewelry, cosmetics and more you can check out Akisa's love for sale.

Look at my lips

I have fun playin with the lipstick palette. This is Artistry bought it a few months ago but seldom use it.

I only used the pink color as you can see on the pilatte (3rd one from left)
Look a tthe colors... they are nice :)!

Sharing makeup and cosmetics

Just want to say that I am sharing the cosmetics and makeup with Sherry. Well, we have our own cosmetics and makeup but sharing we get to have more to use.

Above makeup kit belonging to Sherry. :) I used it for first contest I taken part for makeup.

Sherry and Mia

I have not find the interest in make up contest without a friend. She is more than a friend to me. We are sharing makeup and cosmetics. We are like sisters, we are born 12 years apart from one another!

First Post

I fall in love with makeup and I decided to have a blog to present myself in style.