Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What's for lunch?

You know I like cooking and this is Mamee Lontong I am trying out and I decided to give more to taste.

I added
Curry powder
Curry cili
Curry leaves
Tofu cheese
Long beans

Looks yummy and delicious? Yes indeed I even let my sis to try the soup.

Well this is my lunch. 

Loving my pink beads top from warehouse sales

I love shopping during sales, I follow my sister-in-law to go shopping at FOS Warehouse Sales last month and I am happy with this pink beads top. It is plus size top of size 16. It is value for money to shop during warehouse sales, the price is way cheaper than shopping mall price.

The inner black shirt that I am wearing, believe it or not it has been over 10 years and it's still in good condition.

I am also wearing the red shoes, it's my favourite colour, I bought it at Genting Highlands.

It was a Saturday afternoon with family to go lunch at Thai Seafood Restaurant in jungle of Ampang. Yeah no kidding need to pass through jungle to reach and the road is not easy to drive but my bro says it's better now as two years back he went the road wasn't ready at all.