Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#Shogun2u home delivery

Korean Spicy Chicken
Yesterday I didn't want to cook but I did boil chicken soup for dinner.
So I decided with Sherry that we should try online delivery that we can enjoy meal at home.
Products order as following:
Cheese tarts 8 pieces
Dak-Galbi (Korean Spicy Chicken)
Ojingeo Bokkeum

As refer to the receipt below payment is make when products send to delivery address.

Yup there is GST 6% charge of RM1.45.
But if you use the promo code of YES40, you get discount of 40%.
Yes value for money meal that we love.
Instead of paying RM42.60, now we are only paying RM25.56.

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For variety of food choice to choose from Japanese, Korean and Chinese. There also have desserts for you to choose, do visit the website

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