Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cooking is passion

Sorry dear readers and friends, I have been missing for sometimes from blogging.

I love cooking for my family members, glad everyone appreciate what I have cooked. Especially my bro's children, Sean likes to eat my cooking. Every time he's back from tuition, he will be feeling hungry and want to eat right away.

About cooking, sometimes I like to create recipe of my own and ask my family members to try. It's nice to listen their opinion on my cooking. During CNY, I fried the crab meat sticks, by peeling the crab meat slice by slice then fried it.

I am proud of him, he's a Kid Blogger of Resorts World Genting. He learns blogging from his mom, though he's busy with tuition on weekdays, he would try to find time for his blogging.

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