Saturday, August 1, 2009

I wanna win Konad "B" Kit giveaway

Thanks to Sherry I get to know this giveaway. I hope to win Konad "B" Kit giveaway because my nephew loves to play with her nails too. We could have fun together doing this. Konad is so easy to use just look at the video you will know.

I do not have everything with me so below is my creation!



I like their stam print, if you like Konad, check out I bet my nephew will become an addict if she sees this.

Image from Konad website.

The B Kit includes

* 4 Image Plates
* 3 Special Polishes (11 mL / 0.35 Fl.Oz)
* 1 Stamp
* 1 Scraper

Image Plates: M4, M8, M15, M21

Special Polish: White, Red, Green

Here is a closer look at the plates included.I am going to follow

This giveaway going to ends on 5 Aug, 2009. So everyone hop over and take part now!


  1. Great job....gook luck :)

    oh love the non-konad nails...very pretty gold charm.

  2. I like the gold charm too!